Reward Live to discuss reward equality on 13th May


Women typically ask for a fifth less salary than men when applying for the same job, according to data released by

It found for jobs where women said their anticipated salary was £19,900, men asked for £32,800 instead.

Jobs with the largest differences were those in accountancy, where women with the same level of experience asked for £36,400, while men asked for £47,000 – a gap of 29%. The smallest was in manufacturing, although men still asked for 9% more. In other sectors, like banking, women still asked for 22% less.

The figures emerge as America today highlights ‘equal pay day’ – a day designed to highlight pay gaps between men and women.

According to The World Economic Forum the UK already lags behind Nicaragua, Bulgaria and Burundi in equal pay. For every £1 men earn, women in the same job still earn around 80p.

Earlier this year the UK fell out of the top 20 most gender-equal countries, hitting a low of 26 in the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report.

Average wages for women fell by £2,700 in a year to £15,400, according to the Forum, while the average salary for men was unchanged at £24,800.

Want to know more about equality in reward? Visit Reward Live on 13 May, where one of the keynote sessions, featuring Kim Brosnan, group talent direct, Which? will discuss equality in reward strategies.  

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