From healthcare to finance, Reward and Barnett Waddingham are examining what wellbeing means to different organisations


Ask any employee or employer what wellbeing means to them – even within the same organisation – and you will get a host of different answers. Some will say their healthcare – physical, mental, or both; some will say that wellbeing is about having the financial and job security to feel comfortable in their day-to-day lives. For others, workplace wellbeing is about having support from a paternalistic boss.

However employees perceive the concept of wellbeing, it is becoming more and more apparent that it is something employers need to address through their benefits.

Whether they choose to look at all or just some of the elements of wellbeing, it is of key importance that employers address the specific needs of their workforce – and really listen to what their employees want and need.

Barnett Waddingham has defined their 6 pillars of employee wellbeing, as discussed in Carl Chapman’s blog, and over the next 15 weeks Reward will be working alongside Carl to look at the various forms of wellbeing, and how they can impact on employee’s work and personal lives.

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