Head of workplace health at Barnett Waddingham, Carl Chapman, will discuss what wellbeing and the term Eudaimonia really means


For those already following the Wellbeing in Greek blog series, this may be of further interest. Contrary to popular belief, ‘wellbeing’, isn’t a new concept.

The idea of wellbeing can be traced back as far as the ancient Greeks, and in fact, the Greek philosopher Aristotle penned the term ‘Eudaimonia’ which roughly translates as ‘human flourishing’, over 2,300 years ago.

Organisations play a significant role in the wellbeing of an employee. Staff spend the majority of their day in an office or just working and it’s almost the duty of employers to ensure their employees are well.

Discussing this further and developing on the ancient Greek definition, Carl Chapman, head of workplace health, will explain what we can earn and ask what Eudaimonia means to the modern workforce.

His session at 15:00pm will elaborate on his blog series in depth by understanding the different wellbeing definitions that currently exist.

From physical wellbeing, fitness and rehabilitation to mental wellbeing and stress, or even financial wellbeing of employees, Reward’s WITW will have case studies and expert speakers who will provide an insight into creating a strategy that will meet the needs of all your workforce.

Wellbeing in the Workplace takes place on 28th September 2016 at The Lowry in Manchester. To register to attend, CLICK HERE.