Wellbeing has become a mainstay topic in developing an engaged workforce. Reward’s research looks to find out how employers are approaching wellbeing in 2018

Wellbeing encompasses a wide range of topics, whether it be physical, mental or financial wellbeing. While each individuals definition of wellbeing might vary, what is clear is that in order to have an engaged and motivated workforce, it is important for workers to feel balanced in their overall wellbeing.

The release of the Thriving at Work report revealed the growing expectation for employers to do more to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Reward is once again launching a comprehensive new research project to find out how companies are approaching wellbeing in the workplace, looking at what it means in practice, and what the challenges are.

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Key to our research is your input: we want to know how you manage your employees’ wellbeing. What do you have in place? What barriers have you faced? Are you expanding your offering in 2017?

Respondents will remain anonymous – but there is the option to leave your contact details, for the chance to win £250 of John Lewis vouchers!

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