Carl Chapman, associate & head of workplace health, Barnett Waddingham writes a blog series explaining what wellbeing really means

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Barnett Waddingham's Carl Chapman is writing a blog series on Eudaimonia using the Greek alphabet as a reference point to give insight into how this old concept can significantly improve your business performance by maximising output from your greatest asset.

Ψ ψ – psi

PSI or pounds per square inch is a measure of pressure; you needn’t put yourself under too much pressure with your rewards and wellbeing project, we can help.

As we are now at the end of this blog series I am prepared to offer all readers a free analysis of their workforce using our data analytics modeller and survey tool. All you need to do is drop me an email at

Whether you have yet to start building a wellbeing strategy or you already have one, this analysis will either set you on the right track or tell you if what you are doing is working.

Enough of that……last but not least….

Ω ω – omega

This is it; the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Omega is used to denote the lowest ranking wolf in a pack, based on this I thought I would finish up by talking about engaging the entire workforce not just middle management and above.

Hopefully you will agree with me that analysis is key because wellbeing and benefits can be very complex. With any complex task you need to go through meticulous planning to stand any chance of executing the given task; wellbeing is no different.

Through analysis you will get a snapshot of the entire business anyway but splitting into different cohorts will give you a different view of your business. It is often that the lowest earning employees or those in the lowest grades will be the most disenfranchised. This is particularly alarming when you consider that it is often these employees that are client facing.

My advice therefore is to give these cohorts more attention or more consideration in the first stages of implementation. Although they are often the most disenfranchised they are also often the likeliest to show significant increases in engagement for relatively small effort.

That’s it for the alphabet. However I still have a couple of blogs left where I will be summarising the past 7 weeks.

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