Carl Chapman, associate & head of workplace health, Barnett Waddingham writes a blog series explaining what wellbeing really means

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Barnett Waddingham's Carl Chapman is writing a blog series on Eudaimonia using the Greek alphabet as a reference point to give insight into how this old concept can significantly improve your business performance by maximising output from your greatest asset.

Ν ν – nu & Ξ ξ – xi

The lower case symbols for nu and xi can be used to refer to true anomalies and random variables respectively. I am not going to get into the mathematical and scientific definition of each of these because a) it is boring and b) I have no idea how. Instead I want to focus on the words anomaly and variable.

What are the anomalies within your workforce? This is possibly a strange question to ask as each and every person is unique and therefore every person is probably an anomaly. If everyone is an anomaly then nobody is.

Have I lost you already?

What I am getting at is that because every person is unique a blanket approach to reward, benefits and wellbeing is archaic and satisfies the needs of the few rather than the many. We should focus on spotting trends that exist through front end analysis but ultimately we must embrace the fact that we are all different and that we all need different things and respond to things in different ways. I am not suggesting that you need to have a strategy aligned to every single employee, that’s impossible, what we need is variation.

We need a strategy to help reward those that make healthy lifestyle decisions but a separate strategy to help motivate those who are unengaged in health. We need a strategy to help those make the right retirement choices but we also need a strategy to help those in debt. We need a strategy that provides technology based engagement for millennials but perhaps a more old fashioned approach for baby boomers.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that we move away from a static and blanket approach to reward, benefits and wellbeing. Coming back to a question I asked a few blogs ago, “what is preventing your employees from flourishing both personally and professionally?” Let’s find out, let’s try and group people and then let’s try and build a strategy which helps them.

As Tom Cruise said in Jerry Maguire “help me help you”.

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