Robins Kaplan boosts paid parental leave for employees to ease transition back to work

woman baby

Transitioning back to work after being on parental leave can be very difficult for employees. To tackle this, Robins Kaplan LLP recently announced a new parental leave program that offers regular employees 10 weeks of paid parental leave. This is in addition to medical leave benefits which generally provide at least 16 paid weeks for mothers.

Furthermore, the firm is also offering additional benefits to ease the transition further. This includes a ramp-up period which allows the individual to increase the intensity of their practice on their own accord for up to three months without any change in their compensation, a parental leave mentoring program by the Diversity & Inclusion Department and alternative work arrangements that allow increased flexibility.

Steve Schumeister, managing partner and member of the Executive Board at Robins Kaplan said: “We recognize the need for competitive benefits that will allow our firm members to continue to excel in both work and life. The firm has always upheld a strong commitment to women and diversity, and we believe this enhancement will further enable all working parents to advance their careers as well as their families.

“Coupled with the increase in paid parental leave, we believe we have an environment that will continue to serve and benefit our firm members and provide exceptional service and value to our clients.”

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