Staffing issues preventing UK employees from taking their full holiday allowance


Over a fifth (22%) of UK employees do not take their full paid holiday allowance, according to research from Canada Life Group Insurance, suggesting that the workforce struggles with work-life balance.

In figures that have doubled in a year, one in seven employees (15%) who didn’t take their full holiday entitlement said that this was due to staffing issues, for example absence of colleagues on maternity leave, or who have quit their jobs.

Worryingly, 5% of employees said that their organisation actually discouraged them from taking time off.

Carl Chapman revealed in his blog post on Monday the impact of work-life balance on employee wellbeing.

Presenteeism has also been revealed to be a problem in the UK, with 89% of employees admitting to coming into work when unwell. Meanwhile, 36% say that cost efficiency is their employer’s top priority, whereas only 9% say it is staff health and wellbeing.

The figures are a cause for concern about the support, healthcare and work-life balance organisations offer to their staff.

Paul Avis, marketing director of Canada Life Group Insurance, comments: “Despite the heightened competition to hire top talent, organisations are still failing to provide the work/life balance employees want and need. Retention of trained staff is a key concern for employers, and failing to promote an ethos of wellbeing among employees will have a negative impact on staff turnover in the long term. Individuals that don’t have adequate time off are likely to feel stressed and burnt-out, resulting in a direct hit to productivity.”

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