Employees criticising ‘negative approach’ to mental wellbeing in their workplaces


A third of UK employees have said that their workplace provides “no support” for mental health problems or approaches mental wellbeing issues negatively, according to research from Canada Life Group Insurance.

With over half (57%) of employees saying they suffer or have suffered from mental health problems while in employment, it is key that employers take the issue seriously.

However, only 5% say they find their company helpful in dealing with mental health, while 12% have actively received a negative response when trying to discuss issues with their employer. Less than half (47%) have opened up to their employer about any issues they are suffering from.

Employees UK-wide are in agreement that employers must do more to support colleagues with mental health issues, which could be through counselling, occupational health, employee assistance programs and so on.

Currently a quarter (25%) of employees do not know what support their company offers – suggesting that the right healthcare is not offered or not appropriately communicated.

Paul Avis, marketing director of Canada Life Group, comments: “Employees must feel able to confide in their employers when struggling with depression, anxiety or any other mental health conditions so they can receive whatever support they need. Failing to promote the importance of wellbeing or enhancing the stigma of mental ill health among employees will have a negative impact on collective morale and individual recovery in the long term.”