When it comes to the summer months it seems its the little things that count for employees but employers are still falling short. George Martinureports

unmotivated staff

Over a third (34%) of UK offices don’t offer any ‘summer perks’ to keep staff motivated through the warm weather, research published by Peldon Rose has shown.

Respondents to the survey cited “casual dress, team drinks and team meals” as the most popular summer job perk, with 84% claiming that being offered these specific perks would make them more productive. The vast majority (87%) of employees also said that these summer perks would help them to bond with their colleagues.

On top of this, the research showed that the office facilities available to employees impacts heavily on their workplace happiness during the summer. Three fifths (60%) of workers said they valued air conditioning at work, yet 37% didn’t have it. Additionally, two-thirds (65%) of office workers said they did not have access to showers or changing facilities at work, which can hinder office comfort, especially for employees who commute to work.

There are several benefits for employers considering offering further perks to workers; the majority (66%) of respondents said they would spend longer in the office if they were given access to improved facilities, with nearly a fifth (17%) saying they would spend an extra two hours at work every day.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Jitesh Patel, Chief Executive at Peldon Rose, said:

“We know that in the summer, employees tend to exercise more, eat healthier and place a higher value on office facilities, such as changing areas, showers and air conditioning. They also want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air whenever possible, making the desire to have access to outdoor spaces and natural lighting that much more important to their wellbeing.

“As our survey reveals, it is clear that employees don’t feel their offices are doing enough to meet these needs or to instigate team bonding. If employees are willing to give up part of their salary and spend more time in the office due to an office refurbishment, businesses should take notice and put an emphasis on creating strategic changes to their office that benefits their workforce”.