It’s that time of year when (good) employers are looking to treat their staff. Peter Crush looks at the various choices available to them, from the small to the large.


Reward Type: EDIBLES

Who: Green & Blacks Organic

What: Nothing says Christmas quite like luxury chocolate, and premium manufacturer Green & Blacks offers a range of options for corporate buyers – everything from bars of 100g chocolate (15 cost £30), to its ‘Chocolate & Beer gift box (six 100g bars plus two St Peters Organic bitter –£18.00), chocolate and red wine box, right up to its Chocolate Hamper (wicker basket, chocolate, apron, chocolate cookbook, cocoa powder – £50).

What’s the deal? Businesses can personalise chocolate boxes with their own words and colours.

Reward Type: GIFT CARDS

Who: eGift Cards from House of Fraser

What: House of Fraser is the household name for home products, and research consistently proves staff want help with the basics – clothes and food – as well as the unexpected, such as when the washing machine packs up, or the kettle boils its last fill of water.

What’s the deal? House of Fraser for Business can provide presentation wallets and carriers so that companies have something tangible to present to the recipients and publicly recognise them among their peers. Last order dates are 18 December for physical cards and vouchers and 21 December for digital cards. Recipients can choose to redeem on thousands of brands, across fashion, home and beauty, including Linea, Biba, Howick and Kenneth Cole. Gift cards and vouchers can be redeemed in store, online and via mobile devices. Its specific Christmas benefits include discounts for orders over £1,000.

What they say: A House of Fraser spokesman says: “eGift Card are appealing rewards – providing a shopping experience with prestigious brands that employees recognise and desire. The ability to spend both online and in store are key features that make the reward accessible to all. They are easy to browse and spend, while eGift cards can be sent via email so there are no handling and fulfilment costs.”

Reward and House of Fraser for Business are running an exciting campaign in the countdown to Christmas, inviting you to 'get creative' with your staff rewards.

For all of those subscribed to the magazine – look out for Reward’s next issue, and a special delivery from House of Fraser, landing on your desk soon…

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