By meeting regulatory requirements and boosting staff health, an eyecare plan is a win-win for employers and their workforce alike


Eyecare goes full circle by not only helping employers comply with health and safety regulations, but it also has an impact on the wider health, wellbeing and productivity of employees.


Specsavers Corporate Eyecare provides a full range of eVouchers, covering all workplace eyecare requirements. These include DSE, Safety, Driver and Optical Eyecare.




DSE Eyecare eVouchers cover the specific needs of screen users. Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations, employees defined as ‘screen users’ are entitled to regular examinations and glasses, if required solely for screen use, funded by the employer. For today’s working population, most are likely to be using computer screens or hand-held devices. This means that finding a DSE eyecare scheme that is both affordable and easy to implement is particularly important for employers.




A great many employers seem to be increasingly aware of the merits of prescription safety eyewear. There is a large range of styles, colours and materials available for safety eyewear.

It is also important to consider styling to ensure safety glasses are actually worn. More vital still is finding comfortable and well-fitting safety eyewear, and there is no substitute for trying on different options.




While road traffic law makes it the driver’s responsibility to ensure they are fit to drive and, therefore, have adequate eyesight, under health and safety law employers are responsible for all ‘at work’ activities. It is made clear by the HSE that this includes when driving for work purposes, and the responsibility becomes shared. Driver eyecare eVouchers help the employer to meet their responsibilities.

Eyecare as a benefit


Outside of health and safety requirements, eyecare is also a valued benefit. Optical Care eVouchers offer greater rewards for employees, over and above the statutory necessity.


Eyecare is simple and cost effective to offer. It also has much wider health benefits than may at first be realised. A full eye examination will assess any change to vision. It also enables the optometrist to look at the health of the eye and check for serious eye conditions like cataract and glaucoma. The sometimes lesser-known aspect of eyecare is, however, that it can enable the optometrist to detect and monitor much wider systemic conditions, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, raised cholesterol and brain tumours. In this way, eyecare can become more than a benefit, it can literally be lifesaving.




With more than 700 stores across the UK, Specsavers is readily accessible. The eVoucher system means that an employer can easily manage the whole eyecare system at the touch of a button. The online management system enables the purchase of all the eVouchers, in numbers from five up to tens of thousands. These can then simply be emailed to the relevant staff, who can either print the voucher or use their smartphone to redeem their eyecare at any Specsavers store.



All glasses from Specsavers are made to meet individual vision requirements and are professionally fitted to ensure clear, comfortable vision and a good fit. Specsavers has a long and trusted reputation as a provider of high-quality, affordable eyewear. eVouchers are specifically designed to meet with the different requirements of each workplace need – including DSE, safety and driving – helping employers to meet their health and safety responsibilities.


Full circle


With so many advantages for the employee, eyecare goes full circle to bring advantages to the employer too. A survey by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare showed that 79% of employers believed an eyecare policy helps with the overall health and wellbeing of staff. By helping to reduce issues like eyestrain, tiredness and headaches for screen users, 84% of employers believed eyecare can help to increase productivity at work, too*. Not bad for an eVoucher that starts from just £17 per employee.


*Research was conducted by EMedia in November 2015 among 158 employers and represents between 299,827 and 511,484 employees.