Dog-friendly workplaces are popular for de-stressing millennials, find George Martin

Dogs at work

Nearly half (42%) of millennials (those born between the years 1984 and 1999), would enjoy a dog-friendly workplace, research conducted by Purina PetCare has found.

The report outlines several positives which can be drawn from introducing a dog-friendly policy, with two-fifths (39%) of employees claiming that it would boost workplace morale, and one in six (15%) saying that welcoming dogs into the office would make them feel that their company cares about their happiness.

28% of employees would even give up other office perks such as free yoga or gym memberships in favour of allowing dogs into the office.

The benefits of welcoming pets into the workplace are not limited to staff - 41% of employers believe that it calms and de-stresses the office. Employers are clearly catching onto the trend, with over a quarter (27%) of workplaces already having a dog-friendly policy, with a further 28% interested in implementing one.

In spite of this, nearly a fifth (17%) of workplaces raising an issue with the time and effort involved in implementing such a policy. In order to encourage more workplaces to be dog-friendly, Purina have launched the Pets at Work (PAW) alliance. The scheme aims to help 200 organisations reap the benefits of a workplace in which their pets are welcome by 2020.

Paul Steadman, Director of Human Resources at Purina, commented on the new scheme:

“At Purina we believe that people and pets are better together – especially at work. From our own experience, we know that pet-friendly workplaces lead to a whole range of positive benefits such as higher employee engagement, talent retention, greater wellbeing, higher performance and productivity, increased inspiration and decreased stress.

“Moreover, dogs are by nature sociable and affectionate. Coming to work offers them the opportunity to spend more time with their owners and to socialize with other dogs and colleagues.”