Andrew Stephenson, client and corporate director at Optical Express, discusses the benefits of employee eyecare, and Optical Express’ corporate offering



Employers providing staff with health and wellbeing benefits reap excellent returns on their investment. The link between happy, healthy employees and overall success of the business is recognised by most leading organisations. This synergy breeds high performance, productivity and efficiency, as happy employees are more likely to perform to the best of their ability and healthy employees have less absence due to illness.

An easy first step towards creating a workplace culture driven by happy and healthy employees is to provide them with robust eyecare benefits. Eyecare is a very cost effective way to offer staff a significant and valuable wellbeing benefit, especially when compared to other options like private medical insurance.

Free eye testing is the most basic option that many employers offer. While these appointments are charged to the employer, they are invaluable with regards to the short and long term health of the business and its workforce. In addition to testing visual acuity, the examination serves as a wider overall health check too. Symptoms of sight and life threatening conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are often first discovered during routine eye testing. Early detection, prevention and management is crucial. A report published in 2012 by the Office for National Statistics shows that 4.5 million hours were lost due to heart and blood pressure related absences alone in 2011. These employers can expect to have a healthier workforce with less sick days and increased productivity as a result.


We want our Corporate Eyecare to be easy to administer and for the benefit to be easily accessible for employees. We therefore do not require our clients to purchase expensive vouchers up front or to commit to a package that does not meet their business needs. Instead, we simply bill each client by invoice once each month and only if services have been redeemed.

All of our eyecare packages are completely bespoke. The first step for a client is to decide which products and services that they wish to offer their employees. This might be something as simple as providing eye tests and spectacles for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) in order to meet their minimum obligations as an employer. Many organisations on the other hand choose to embrace the concept of Corporate Eyecare as a valuable employee benefit and offer an additional contribution towards everyday use glasses too.

We also offer excellent corporate discounts to our clients, ranging from 10-20%. These discounts are extendable to immediate family and can be set up as a standalone benefit. This service is completely free of charge.


Optical Express is one of the UK’s leading eyecare providers, with locations throughout the UK and providing a full optical solution including glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery and lens surgery. The benefit to our corporate clients is that no matter what eyecare their employees require, they will find it at Optical Express.

We offer an amazing choice of frames and sunglasses from leading designers like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford and many more. We also have regular special offers such as free second pair of prescription glasses, which can be used in conjunction with corporate discount. We supply DSE compliant spectacles and polycarbonate prescription safety glasses too.

As the No.1 provider of laser eye surgery in the UK, Optical Express has been looking after the vision and health of our patients’ eyes for over twenty years. With over £400 million invested in technology in our clinics, we have the most experienced surgeons with access to the most advanced technology in the refractive surgery industry.

We are committed to ophthalmic innovation that improves patient care. iSCAN is prime example of this. Exclusive to Optical Express, iSCAN is a complimentary diagnostic report that includes eye and general health details that are not part of a typical written eye prescription. This is sent to patients after every appointment.

Kamra is the latest innovation in refractive surgery and will soon be available at Optical Express. This revolutionary treatment is ideal for patients in their 40’s and 50’s who have good distance vision but who are unable to read without the assistance of glasses. These patients would have previously been unsuitable for a surgical solution.

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