Jane Griffiths, head of corporate relationships at WEALTH at work will discuss the need to educate employees financially


Financial education plays an important role in the overall wellness of an employee. Financial concerns have been proven to lead to stress, and as a result, can show a drop in productivity and an increase in absenteeism levels.

Many employees struggle to understand various financial issues that may relate to them and often fail to understand the benefits on offer in the workplace. Staff can be unaware of workplace saving benefits and how much they need to save for retirement and employers often overlook the importance of financial education.

Reward’s Wellbeing in the Workplace (28th September) will have Jane Griffiths, head of corporate relationships at WEALTH at work speak about how employers can help improve employees’ financial wellbeing.  

This session at 11:50am will outline how employers can provide employees them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions throughout their working life.

From physical wellbeing, fitness and rehabilitation to mental wellbeing and stress, or even financial wellbeing of employees, Reward’s WITW will have case studies and expert speakers who will provide an insight into creating a strategy that will meet the needs of all your workforce.

Wellbeing in the Workplace takes place on 28th September 2016 at The Lowry in Manchester. To register to attend, CLICK HERE.