The biggest challenge for employees when wanting a pay rise is the fear of rejection.

salary increase

In the UK, the fear of rejection is the greatest barrier for employees wanting a pay rise. According to a study by Randstad, over a third (35.1%) are afraid of being turned and mark this as the primary reason to not ask for a salary boost. This reason is closely followed by bosses’ reactions (34%) and the prospect of having to explain themselves (29%).

The anxiety by staff explains why a staggering 72% of UK employees have not asked for a pay rise in the last three years. Additionally, only a third (34%) would consider asking their boss and almost half (45%) said they were ‘very’ or ‘quite’ concerned that asking would jeopardise their current role.

The research also found that men are more than twice as likely to get a pay rise (11.2% vs 5%) and that 72% of women would never consider asking, compared to just 57.8% of men. The survey also found that 44% of women stated fear of rejection as their primary reason, whilst men said it was their managers’ reaction (26%).

Young individuals aged 18 – 24 were the most eager, with 14% having asked for at least three increases in the last three year.

Mark Bull, UK CEO of global recruitment consultancy Randstad, comments: “Despite signs pointing to a shortage of professional skills in certain sectors, UK employees still aren’t taking advantage of the increasingly open employment market.

“With nearly three quarters not pushing for more money, and with explanations ranging from fear of rejection to jeopardising their current roles, questions should be raised about whether UK employers are creating the right working environment for their employees to stay and seek progression.” 

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