Wellbeing, engagement, retention…creating an over-arching employee benefits strategy


Many employee benefits and rewards point to a particular outcome for employees: the point of a dental plan is to look after your teeth, while an employee car scheme will entitle you to…an employee car.

But what about the overall reward package? How can you create a strategy that suits all your employees as well as meeting the needs of the business bottom line?

Reward Live will examine the bigger picture that HRs must look at when designing a benefits strategy.

The hot topic of wellbeing and the wider needs of employees will be under discussion, as Carl Chapman, head of workplace health at Barnett Waddingham asks how employers can successfully balance reward and a wellbeing strategy to reflect the needs of their workers (speaking Wednesday 11 May, 12.05).

Later on day one of Reward Live, Ian Rummels, head of thinking and possibilities at PES, will reveal how to take the complexity out of employee benefits (speaking Wednesday 11 May, 14.35). He’ll look at what benefits are for, how you can use them to ensure they meet your set objectives and why a salary increase isn’t the simple option.

And on the note of pay and bonuses, Fiona Hathorn, managing director of Women on Boards, will be joining the audience on day two to ask if we are finally seeing equality in pay (speaking Thursday 12 May, 12.35).

In the 2016 Budget, Chancellor George Osborne revelled in the fact that “the gender pay gap is lower than ever”. With pay gap reporting set to happen in 2018, and a new National Living Wage about to be implemented, the session will examine if employees are stepping closer to pay equality or if new regulations raise more problems for the workforce than they solve.

With the first all-Conservative government, employee benefits have been exposed to radical change. Our day two opening keynote panel will discuss the future of benefits including:

  • How benefits have changed over the past 12 months
  • What do the next 12 months have in store for benefits such as childcare, pensions, healthcare, salary sacrifice and what does this mean HR practitioners
  • What movement we are going to see in pay, the effect of the National Living Wage, and if an improving economy will signal the rise of bonuses again

Panellists Mark Childs, managing director of Total Reward Group and Nigel Keohane, research director at the Social Market Foundation will discuss the key political issues affecting employers at the present time (speaking Thursday 12 May, 10.35).

All these sessions – and many more – will answer your burning questions at Reward Live, taking place on 11th and 12th May 2016 at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham.