Our experts discuss how employees should access key information about their pensions


“Ideally, both employers and the pensions industry would share responsibility. Pensions are a very valuable staff benefit and it would be sensible for employers, who are spending money contributing to their staff’s pensions, to promote the advantages. And the industry itself has a huge interest in ensuring that people know just how important and beneficial pensions can be. Many employers will not be contributing large sums to their staff’s pensions, so providers have good reasons to promote awareness and help people understand why they should consider increasing what they put in themselves. The tax benefits of pensions are significant and saving for retirement can significantly enhance people’s quality of life.” Baroness Ros Altmann, former pensions minister, CBE


“The pensions industry, government and employers all have a part to play in boosting awareness among employees. Financial education is key, and the earlier we start this, the better. School is the optimal time to introduce the basics on pensions and this needs to be followed through to college/university, so that people have an understanding before they start their careers. Within the workplace we all need to think outside the box and bring some fun into the topic. For example, for our latest pension awareness campaign we took a bus around various employers and staff were invited on board to ask any questions. It was fun, lively and sparked the pension conversation.” Jonathan Bland, founder of Pensions Awareness Day


“The culture and behaviours of any organisation start at the top and pension awareness is no different. Helping people think about their pensions is important because they are a great benefit and one into which companies often put a great deal of time and money – so they should get the most out of that investment. Our research shows that staff appreciate a good workplace pension – after the introduction of automatic enrolment just 10% of people chose to opt out. The numbers were even more impressive among young people, with only 7% of those under 30 opting out. It’s worth remembering that with auto-enrolment it’s a legal requirement to make employees aware of their pension – another reason for senior leaders to be involved.” Joanne Segars, chief executive, PLSA