What really is 'wellbeing'? Barnett Waddingham and Reward examine what it means for an employee's whole lifestyle.

wellness on a budget

Over the next 15 weeks Carl Chapman, head of workplace health at Barnett Waddingham will explain Barnett Waddingham’s 6 pillars of employee wellbeing and discuss how these 6 pillars impact employees' working lives and, importantly, their contribution to the business. Carl will also discuss his life against these 6 pillars and how changes made over the coming 15 weeks have impacted his personal life and his contribution to Barnett Waddingham.

It is a common misconception that wellbeing only relates to health and a person’s physical state of being, however in truth wellbeing is much broader than this. In reality you could have the physical prowess of an athlete but if you are struggling with problem debt, have family issues or are working extremely long hours with little down time then it will have a significant impact on your work life. This is why we have created the 6 pillars of employee wellbeing which we believe are the 6 areas that contribute to a person’s complete wellbeing; job security, financial security, health, support, protection and work/life balance.

The benefits of high wellbeing across a workforce are well versed, such as higher productivity, reduced absence, reduced insurance premiums, reduced accidents at work, better attraction and retention of staff and better staff engagement. Concentrating on health alone - as most currently do – will only partially benefit each of these areas and we believe that it is high wellbeing across all of the 6 pillars that will provide the greatest return on investment.  

It is important for employers to understand their workforce and understand which of these 6 pillars is a problem area for the business; this is the only way to ensure that spend and strategy are aligned to the business risks rather than taking an archaic blanket approach to wellbeing.

Next week I will discuss these 6 pillars in more detail and set the scene for the remaining 13 weeks where I will assess myself against these pillars both pre- and post intervention.

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