Renu Birla, rewards strategy manager at Coventry University, will discuss the importance of promoting ‘financial health’


Boosting the financial wellbeing of your workforce can have a significant impact on an employee. Financial concerns have been proven to lead to stress, and as a result, can show a drop in productivity and an increase in absenteeism levels.

Financial education and taking positive action to reduce any concerns employees have can create a much more positive and happier workforce. By explaining and ensuring staff have a good understanding of a complex area, there is a level of loyalty and trust built by the employee for the employer.

Reward’s Wellbeing in the Workplace (28th September) will have Renu Birla, rewards strategy manager at Coventry University discuss the benefits of creating a financial education programme.

This session at 12:10pm will outline a case study where Birla will outline how Coventry University went about creating a financial education programme and how it has engaged employees.

From physical wellbeing, fitness and rehabilitation to mental wellbeing and stress, or even financial wellbeing of employees, Reward’s WITW will have case studies and expert speakers who will provide an insight into creating a strategy that will meet the needs of all your workforce.

Wellbeing in the Workplace takes place on 28th September 2016 at The Lowry in Manchester. To register to attend, CLICK HERE.