RedArc has identified a group at risk of being forgotten under traditional healthcare

older workforce

A Punter Southall company, RedArc has recognised a key group that is at risk of being forgotten under traditional healthcare and protection policies. Typically, those that will make use of policies such as Group Risk and private medical insurance (PMI) are often the individuals that are diagnosed with a primary health condition. However, while support may be crucial to this group, those around them often also need help, and this need can easily go unnoticed.

Currently, 6.5 million people in the UK are carers with the figure expected to rise significantly. Referring to them as the ‘Forgotten Community’, RedArc is calling on providers, intermediaries and employers to recognise that this group also needs access to support.

Traditional routes for healthcare rarely incorporate support processes for carers. The NHS is increasingly squeezed and private cover tends to prioritise the primary patient. Carers often need ongoing help from someone specially trained who understands their particular needs.

Christine Husbands, managing director for RedArc says, “The business case is clear, every employer is likely to have employees who are also carers, many of them will try to juggle their day job with caring commitments. There is very specific support that this group needs which takes into account their mental health as well as their physical wellbeing. When they get the right help they are better able to cope with other aspects of their own life including their work.”

People within this group are seen to have feelings of isolation, inability to cope, loss of confidence, frustration and guilt. Furthermore, these can affect the personal life as well as the working life of an individual.

Employers need to help in some way by enhancing services that are available to employees who are also carers. Support can include talking therapies such as counselling, through to practical support such as arranging respite care, although often the most important thing is having someone who has plenty of time to listen to their thoughts and feelings.

Husbands continues: “The ‘Forgotten Community’ of carers does not need to suffer in silence. With the sandwich generation, many more people are now carers in some capacity, support is available from specialist organisations who understand their situation and it’s important that it’s made available from insurers and accessible to employees.

“The results we have seen from the provision of our support have been fantastic: enabling people to get on with their lives and work commitments knowing they have us on hand to help.”