Summer sporting entertainment poses one of the biggest challenges to workplace motivation in four years

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Research from Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services found that one in five employees are least motivated during either the summer months or large sporting events. With just one week until the Olympics 2016 and the recent Euro 2016, employers faced a challenge to find ways to keep staff motivated.

The season offers a chance for employers to implement quirky benefits and incentives around the theme of sport and summer. This could range from flexible working for those hoping to watch their team in action, to linking with the sporting theme by implementing a cycle-to-work scheme during the summer period. Smaller scale perks and incentives could also reflect this year’s theme by encouraging inter-team activities; arranging a sweepstake for Euro 2016, team fancy dress or strawberries and cream for the first day of Wimbledon, are great ways to strengthen office culture. For those who do not enjoy sport, early finishes or longer lunches to enjoy the sunshine can help to boost motivation.

Jamie Mackenzie, director of marketing at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, said: “Short-term rewards are an extremely effective tool for engaging a workforce that is distracted and focused on other things, regardless of whether an employee is full or part-time. It is important that employers anticipate events, both seasonal and calendar based, in order to combat the potential for low levels of productivity in the office.

“By offering fun perks that capture the excitement of the upcoming summer of sport, employers will help to make staff feel valued and engaged, increasing their motivation and focus on their day to day tasks”.

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