StepJockey have designed a stair challenge which will see staff teams climb Everest in just four weeks

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StepJockey is refreshing part of their employee wellness programme by working above and beyond the sporty few. Requiring no skill, no Lycra or even much time, they are introducing something new to increase productivity and reduce stress levels.

Stair climbing is good for people and good for business with all those happy endorphins released. It’s September and back to business, however following the lazy poolside days and late nights, some employees may still be feeling slightly sluggish returning from their relaxed summer holiday. The good news for companies is that HR Departments around the world can actively encourage their employees to cast off their post-holiday blues like StepJockey’s empowering “Back to Work September Stair Challenge: Climb Everest”.

In just four weeks, teams will take on the southeast ridge of Everest, from Lukla in Nepal to the summit of the world's highest mountain, having taken over 400,000 steps, climbed 8,848 metres above sea level, and burnt a staggering 57,128 calories, all from the comfort of their office stairs, measured on real-time leader boards. Extensive trials found that stair-climbing challenges increased stair use 500% and 800% when participants were further incentivised with prizes.

Employees at Channel 4 also recently completed the StepJockey Everest Stair Climbing Challenge. Over twenty teams from across the company took part, Clare Cox who instigated the challenge commented “from our perspective, it has been a success and now we have all the tools in place, we are already thinking about our next challenge”.

A survey carried out by players after the challenge showed that over 75% of participants now use the stairs more frequently and almost 90% would love to take part in another challenge.

Paul Nuki, StepJockey CEO said: “The simplicity and ease of stair climbing makes it incredibly easy for people from all physical backgrounds to build it into their daily routine. It has been wonderful to see participation at Channel 4 grow week-on-week and have a real lasting impact on staff wellbeing”.

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