The coffee chain Starbucks has boosted their mental health benefits for its Canadian employees


Starbucks Canada has developed their mental health benefits for the workforce from $400 to $5000 a year. Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week which is designed to raise awareness of the topic, it will apply to all employees who work more than 20 hours a week. It will also apply to their dependents.

The extended benefits allow staff to seek treatments from a counsellor or clinical psychologist. Research by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health found that 70% of mental health problems are first visible in childhood or adolescence. According to Benefits Canada, a lot of Starbucks employees are young, with an average age of 24 so this applies very well to the workforce.

Additionally, staff can also use employee assistance programmes which offer short-term mental help support and help find a long-term therapist.

Sara Presutto, vice president of human resources at Starbucks Canada said: “The statistics are very clear that mental health is an important issue that is affecting many Canadians.

“We do not believe the current level of support for mental health benefits provided by Canadian employers is sufficient and we encourage all companies in Canada to step up and join this important effort.”

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