Reward Live: Exclusive research reveals state of staff engageent


Red Letter Days shared exclusive research with delegates at Reward Live last week, which revealed just 37% of staff admit they feel ‘engaged’ at work.

The research, presented by Red Letter Day’s CEO, Bill Alexander, was compiled by You Gov, and also revealed  40% of staff believed they were ‘micro-managed’ and only one in five employees had been given any form of training in the last six months.

“Differences in the type of business, its location, and the number of staff it employed made no difference to these engagement scores,” he said. “There was also no difference recorded between staff with male or female bosses.”

He added: “What we believe this shows is that people need to feel more of a sense of autonomy and mastery in their jobs. We found lots of employees understood the purpose and vision of the business they worked at, but not enough people said they ‘felt’ this more authentically.' He added: 'Staff need to ‘feel’ the company's culture more to enable engagement to really happen.”

According to Alexander, feeling valued was the most important emotion staff said they wanted to experience at work. “You’ve got to give staff the skills, and then let them get on with their jobs,” he said.

He added: “Incentive schemes all play a role here. The problem with giving cash is that it gets lost. No-one’s going to tell their friends about being given some money, but they will tell their friends/family about taking a trip, or an experience.”

The full research will be announced on June 3.