In week 2 of his 15 week blog Carl further explores Barnett Waddingham’s 6 pillars of employee wellbeing and how he scores himself in each pillar.

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If you are reading this then hopefully it is because last week’s inaugural blog was enough to entice you back to see what I am planning to put myself through in the coming weeks in the name of wellbeing. If this is the case you will need to wait until next week before I start to delve into my own life in any great detail against our six pillars of employee wellbeing; job security, financial security, health, support, protection and work/life balance. As I have somewhat regrettably promised that I won’t hold back in this blog, it will hopefully prove to be an interesting and insightful read over the coming weeks.

Last week I mentioned how wellbeing is often mistakenly only considered in relation to health, and how if companies really want to have high wellbeing across their workforce they must understand which areas of wellbeing are an issue for their workforce to ensure maximum impact and return on investment. In that vein I have put myself through our own survey which asks employees a series of questions in relation to each of our 6 pillars of wellbeing, the results are as follows and are scores out of 10.

Job Security 7.5

Financial Security 5.0

Health 4.0

Support 9.0

Protection 6.0

Work/Life Balance 8.5

The scores above are my personal scores only and when looking across a workforce you would not expect (nor would you be allowed) to go into that level of detail for each employee. However surveying an entire workforce will give insight into the areas of most concern. It would also be beneficial to breakdown the scores into departments, geographical locations and even into age and affluence so that you can establish the specific risks to each cohort, and target the strategy accordingly because we all know that wellbeing risks are not universal and neither should a wellbeing strategy be.

Looking at my scores, it is evident that the areas that are of greatest concern to me are financial security, health and protection, and in the coming weeks I will discuss what in particular my concerns are in those areas and how I can address them to improve my overall wellbeing. I will also be commenting on the areas I score highly in and what impacts my high wellbeing in those specific areas.

Next week the fun begins...

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