There are several foods which employees should avoid preparing or eating in the office to ensure they don’t annoy their colleagues, George Martinureports

Bad smells

Fast food, fish, eggs and curry are all criticised for the distinctive smell they produce, whilst workers are advised to avoid eating food such as soup or crisps at their desks as the noise from eating them can prove distracting, according to a study commissioned by office space experts

It is also suggested that certain foods can lead to reduced productivity – the high fat content in baked goods such as sausage rolls and cakes can leave workers feeling “sluggish and low on energy”. On top of this, employees are warned against eating sauce based foods, as this food can easily be spilled and can ruin work clothes.

Speaking about the publication of the list, a spokesman for said:

“When you’re working five days a week, having a cheese sandwich every day for lunch doesn’t quite cut the mustard, so more and more office workers are looking for something new to try.

“The problem is that whilst you might be enjoying your leftovers of last night’s dinner, or a meal-to-go from that new fast food place in town, if it has a potent smell or is noisy to eat this probably means that your colleagues aren’t enjoying it as much as you are.

 “If you think that you might’ve bought in a lunch that could cause a stink and distract your colleagues, perhaps consider eating it away from your office.”