The website Skyscanner offers employees the option to travel abroad every few years.


Scotland’s travel comparison group Skyscanner was recently recognised in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list. The company took 5th position on the overall list and 91% of its 467 felt proud to work there.

According to The Sunday Times, when employees were asked to imagine their dream job, having “the chance to travel” was ranked highly. Skyscanner, for years, have offered employees away from their native country to work “from home” three weeks a year.

Following the massive success, Skyscanner decided to offer all employees the option of working abroad and named it the “skyscanner explorer experience” last September. It allows staff to go abroad without having to give justification to go there.

The opportunity gives hard working employees the option to travel to one of the firm’s 10 global offices for one month every couple of years. According to The Memo, there is also scheme on offer called Skyscanner University which offers courses on a variety of areas, from sushi-making to a language.

With such great benefits, it comes as no surprise that people are excited about the firm’s future (90%) and their own too (82%).

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