Research reveals what UK adults really want to receive for secret Santa and it’s not always the thought that counts

christmas party

Gift cards have been voted the most popular secret Santa gift by Brits, who want to receive presents that they can actually use, according to new research. The survey carried out by e-retailer Christmas Tree World revealed the top ten secret Santa gifts that Brits would like to receive this Christmas gifting season.


The popular tradition will see two thirds (67%) of UK adults taking part. With the average Secret Santa budget set at £10 in the UK, gift cards have topped the charts as Britain’s most popular secret Santa present (53%), a gift, which gives consumers the opportunity to go out and buy something they can choose for themselves.


This was followed by alcohol at second place (46%), something for the kitchen in third (39%) and grooming products and cosmetics (36%). A quarter (26%) said they would like to receive a book from their Secret Santa, followed closely by tech accessories (23%), which due to the tech savvy nature of Brits, is a safe bet this Christmas. Examples include phone cases, head phones and selfie sticks.


The top ten list secret Santa gifts that UK adults want to receive are:

  • Gift card – 53%
  • Alcohol –  46%
  • Kitchen item – 39%
  • Cosmetic and Grooming item– 36%
  • Book – 26%
  • Phone case – 23%
  • Diary – 22%
  • Game – 18%
  • Food – 11%
  • Novelty slippers - 9%

Of the respondents who voted for gift cards, 69% were female and 31% were male. Stephen Evans, managing director, Christmas Tree World commented: “It’s great to the see that the tradition of Secret Santa is still going strong after all these years, as it’s a great way for groups to have some fun without having to spend a lot.


“Despite Secret Santa being light hearted, people clearly want to receive a gift that they can actually use, and want to avoid money being wasted on unwanted gifts. I was surprised to see that timeless classics such as gift cards, alcohol or a bathroom gift set still have a place in the top ten, which I’m sure people who struggle to buy gifts will be pleased to hear!”