A third of UK employees think Brexit will negatively impact their current employment

It has been almost a year since Article 50 was invoked and with just over a year to go until the UK leaves the EU (29th March 2019), new research has revealed that 32% of UK employees predict that Brexit will negatively impact their current employment.

Mark Scanlon, Chief Executive Officer at Personal Group said “The UK’s departure from the EU continues to cause uncertainty for many UK employees, with many not knowing what it means for them or their current role. This fear can quickly lead to a loss of productivity and a reduction in workplace happiness. Employers will need to be more resourceful to keep their staff happy and engaged.”

The research from Personal Group revealed that concern is mounting, especially with 42% of team leaders and managers who feel uncertain about how Brexit will affect their current employment.

This level of concern is not shared by those in senior positions, as more than half (52%) of company owners and directors believe Brexit will have no effect on their current employment. There are only 2% of respondents who believe that Brexit will positively impact their career.

There is a clear age divide, as the over 50s are the most unbothered, with 36% expecting Brexit to have no effect on their current employment. While 30-49-year olds were the most cynical age group, with more employee’s in this age group expecting Brexit to have a negative impact than amongst the over 50’s or the 18-29-year-olds.

To mitigate these worried Scanlon explains the importance of regular and transparent communication, “Regular communication and careful listening is the key here; employers can use pulse surveys and push notifications to monitor employee sentiment, reassure staff, encourage dialogue and ultimately, maintain employee engagement in the workplace. Employee engagement must be on every manager’s agenda, now more than ever.”