The HR platform HiBob has launched “Your Voice”, a new feature aimed at empowering employees with a safe space for anonymous reporting regarding workplace misconduct

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HiBob, an HR platform which aims to bring transparency to business management, has launched “Your Voice” as a unique feature to the platform. It allows employees to anonymously report workplace misconduct and receive answers regarding their companies’ sexual harassment policies.

With the momentum gained from the #MeToo and Times Up movement, the platform hopes to remove barriers to reporting and champion a culture of change using the anonymous reporting feature.

This couldn’t come at a better time as research reveals that 70% of workplace sexual harassment goes unreported due to the fear and stigma associated with making such complaints. This is particularly exacerbated if the abuser is in a higher position within the company. In fact, 79% of UK women admitted they chose not to report unwanted sexual behaviour to their employer.

“The fact that most workplace harassment goes unreported is something that businesses need to address,” said Ronni Zehavi, Co-Founder and CEO of HiBob. “Providing sufficient channels of communication is essential for businesses. We want to provide a tool that makes reporting both easy and safe for victims, while enabling businesses to ensure the safety and happiness of their employees. Empowering your employees is really important, and the rise of #MeToo shows the increased demand on employers to make sure they put such channels in place for their employees. #MeToo gave a voice to people on social media and now, ‘Your Voice’ is bringing that movement to the workplace.”

Sexual misconduct in the workplace is an issue that needs to be addressed directly, especially as more than half (52%) of British women and half (50%) of American women have experienced this in their careers.

“Intimidation, sexual harassment and violence have no place in the workplace, “said Sharon Argov, VP Growth at HiBob. “Even though we have laws against it and HR departments to handle it, it’s important for employees to feel confident that reporting harassment won’t hurt their careers. The change I want to see is an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe to speak up and implementing tools such as ‘Your Voice’ is a step in the right direction for businesses to create a more open, supportive and safer workplace environment.”

Employees using bob, HiBob’s HR and talent management platform, can click on “Your Voice” - an anonymous reporting button - which directs them to a secure, encrypted service allowing them to report incidents or ask questions to a designated company representative. The anonymous complaint is received via email with a secure, encrypted, password-protected PDF. The two parties can then engage in an anonymous encrypted email dialogue without either side revealing their identity.

“Your Voice” is a collaborative effort between HiBob and Cassiopeia, an Israeli-based technology group formed to provide companies with solutions aimed to prevent sexual harassment and ensuring that employees come to work knowing they are safe and secure. Cassiopeia products enable employees to report sexual harassment or consult anonymously with an HR manager regarding misconduct in the workplace.

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Source: HiBob