Job applications and job searches heightened on Monday 15th January, as UK workers chose to overcome ‘Blue Monday’ with a fresh start

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While there is no scientific proof that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year, it has already proven to be the busiest day of activity for job seekers across the UK in 2018 so far.

According to new data from job board Jobsite, there were 35% more job applications and 30% more visits to its website on Monday the 15th, compared to the average daily rates seen in January 2018 so far.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018, which was the first working day of the year for many had the largest amount of job applications with a 70% increase on the daily average in December 2017.

Nick Gold, CEO at Jobsite commented, “It’s really encouraging to see that ‘Blue Monday’ is motivating UK job seekers to brush up their CVs and begin applying for new roles in their thousands. As the busiest day of job hunting activity we’ve witnessed in 2018 so far, even topping the first working day back, it’s clear that many are using this dreary day as the catalyst to make the positive career move they desire.”

For employers who may be concerned about losing talented staff members, productivity specialists Workfront has created 5 tips to help businesses motivate their employees and increase happiness and workplace engagement. The tips have come from Workfront’s study into external factors affect employee motivation and productivity.

Here are Workfront’s 5 ways to motivate your employees throughout the year:


1- Give positive feedback: When asked ‘what influences you to excel at work the most’ 37% of workers cited ‘praise from my manager or boss’. Not surprisingly, 36% of workers regarded ‘criticism from a manager or boss’ as their top demotivator at work. It’s the easiest change to make, after all, a few words goes a long way!


2- Enable flexible working: Over half (52%) of British workers picked ‘flexi hours’ as the perk that most motivates them to be a better employee. If this isn’t an option for them already now is the time to introduce it.


3- Turn up the music: Get an office playlist going to get the productivity levels where they need to be. Over 83% of workers admit to listening music to improve their productivity and 25% preferred R&B/Soul music to get their juices flowing.


4- Open up the workplace: When it comes to how the office environment affects productivity, it’s a pretty close call between open plan and individual offices. Workers stated they are more productive (32%) when they can see and talk to their other colleagues, while 29% prefer to be behind a door - all they need is choice.


5- Allow a change of scenery: Workers also want the option to work from different locations and the opportunity to get inspired by different surroundings. 34% of workers feel they are most productive when they are able to work from home away from distractions. Another 20% relied on caffeine-power and preferred to work from a coffee shop when they needed to be at their productive best. Encourage your employees to try this.