A third of employees believe their colleagues want to sabotage their career

Office conflict

While our school days may be but a distant memory, it seems the playground antics have followed us into the workplace. Over a third (37%) of UK workers said they felt a colleague was trying to sabotage their career and for more than half of those people it was causing them distress and anxiety.

For 29% of staff the workplace has become unbearable as they admit one of their colleagues is making their life a living hell and 14% claim there is more than one person making their work life awful. This has led 1 in 5 employees to taking time off work and 30% saying the situation has caused them distress, according to the poll of working adults commissioned in conjunction with the DVD release of Armando Iannucci’s dark comedy The Death of Stalin.

Office conflict is not just reserved for co-workers on the same pay grade, as 4 in 10 workers stated they were in a constant bitter power struggle with their boss.

The main source of contention between colleagues stems from wanting to book off the same holiday time (33%), followed by clashes with peers over salaries (17%) and competing for the same promotion (13%).

But in this dog eat dog work, 23% of respondents refuse to be intimidated and have tried to get their revenge by setting up their colleague for a fall. Almost a third (31%) admitted they were plotting their revenge against their work nemesis.

Unsurprisingly, 70% of those studied said they have colleagues they don’t trust, with 7% claiming to distrust every single person they work with. More than half (58%) blamed this distrust on companies riddled with office politics and backstabbing.

The constant office battles have taken their toll on 69% of those survey while 31% felt the rivalry was positive as it made them more competitive and successful.

On average British workers moan about another colleague at least four times a day and 22% have been pulled aside by their boss due to their prickly relationship with one of their team members.