Find out more about group protection and the Seven Families initiative


Since the onset of auto enrollment, an opportunity has been created for the implementation of many other benefits, especially the protection of long-term illness. As one of the most important issues for employers, the industry is now showing how insurance products are not just for the exec board.

Group protection is something that should be available to all employees, according to Seven Families. Their initiative has shown how products giving financial and emotional supports at times of serious illness have helped people get their lives back on track through seven individual case studies.

Roy McLoughlin, independent financial adviser, will look at how the scheme has supported families in remaining financially stable, rehabilitating and getting back to work. His session will communicate the wider message to employers about what group insurance products can give employees, both from their employers and the State – and what the results of this are.

McLoughlin will explain what can be learned from this year-long experiment around the key benefits of investing in protection products. He will also discuss why employees will engage with this provision.

To find more about group risk and the benefits, come along to Reward Live, taking place on 11-12 May at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham. For more details of the programme or to register, CLICK HERE