Learn about the benefits of employee packages and how to deal with the complexities that come with it.

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Benefit packages for employees are often seen to improve staff morale overall. Alongside motivating and engaging workers, there are several different reasons that suggest why companies should consider this option.

These perks help organisations to attract and retain the right talent. Rewarding staff and keeping them happy is just one of the key factors to the success of a business – however, many companies are unable to see beyond the financial picture and the complexities that come with it. Ian Rummels, head of thinking and possibilities at PES, will be speaking on how to simplify these and explains the benefits of using benefit packages (Wednesday 11th May, 2:35pm).

Rummels will be delving in to the four main reasons of why a scheme is beneficial: to attract, engage, reward and retain. He will discuss setting objectives, measuring success and communicating benefits to employees: so that employers can build a successful strategy both for themselves and their workforce.

To hear more about building an employee benefits strategy, come to Reward Live, taking place on 11-12 May at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham. For more details of the programme or to register, CLICK HERE