The pension changes are in full force – what are the implications, and what impact will the election have? Reward Live will discuss all the eventualities.

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As of the beginning of this month, retirees have for the first time been able to exercise huge freedoms with their pension pots. While this has been lauded as a huge step in allowing members control of their money – and even hailed as a potential election winner – it has also thrown the pensions industry and employers into uproar.

With only twelve month elapsing between the announcement and the changes coming into force, the industry has had to provide rapid solutions for members and schemes, while employers have been left with concerns around educating their entire workforce, not just those retiring, on the importance of their savings and choices.

Experts are hoping that the industry will be given time to settle now – but the election is so unpredictable that more change would not come as a shock!

Reward Live will be examining the various questions that the pension freedoms have thrown up for employers.

Jonathan Watts-Lay, director, WEALTH at work, will be speaking at 12.45 on Wednesday 13th May about how to help each employee get the flexibility that suits them through giving them appropriate financial education – regardless of their age. He will talk about helping employees to evaluate the options available to them, to avoid making inappropriate decisions.

On day two of the conference, Thursday 14th May, Andrew Pennie, marketing director at Intelligent Pensions, will be speaking at 10.35, looking at the technological side of pensions especially as applied to the pre-retirement decumulation phase. He will examine the solutions on the market for employers to engage and communicate with members and help them get the outcomes they desire.

Moving on from employee decisions and onto the decisions employers have to make, our pensions panel will debate how they should go about picking the right scheme for their workforce. Ian Gutteridge, head of sales and marketing director at Premier, MartinuParish, regional director (SW) at Aon Employee Benefits and Justine Tate, managing director of Pensions Quality Mark, will be speaking on the second day of the conference at 12.10.

With the full range of pensions questions answered, this year’s Reward Live is not to be missed!

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