Our expert panellists look at the changes to workplace childcare, and ask how you can create a family-friendly workplace.


The potential change of government in tomorrow's election will be a defining moment for many aspects of workplace benefits and regulations – but none more so than in the area of childcare.


The Conservative proposals to replace childcare vouchers with Tax Free Childcare for all have been met with mixed reviews from the industry and employers, while the Labour opposition staunchly stood against this.


Meanwhile, changes to rules around both flexible working and shared parental leave have left employers in confusion.


Iain McMath, representative of the Childcare Voucher Providers Association, and Stephen Dunmore, interimchief executive of the Family and Childcare Trust, will be joining the Reward Live audience to discuss all the changes and what they mean to employers – and to examine how employers should create a truly family friendly workplace.


The panellists will examine the issues, timelines and implementation of both the current childcare voucher system and Tax Free Childcare should it come into force, to ensure that employers understand how they can facilitate either system in their workplace.


Equally they will discuss how flexible working, paternity pay and shared parental leave are currently impacting on employers and employees alike.



The panel discussion is not to be missed by employers looking to understand their employees’ needs and individual situations, and wishing to create an environment that reflects this, as well as retracting and retaining employees.


What: Reward Live

Where: Edgbaston, Birmingham

When: Day 1 (13th May) at 4.55pm