The just-retired tell it how it should be to the next generation


Research published by Monster has revealed the top advice those that have just left the workforce have given to those just about to embark on their new careers.

Top of their regrets was ‘getting too stressed about work’ (20%) and ‘working longer hours than they needed to’ (14%), a not-so subtle suggestion to employers that they could make their new staff feel more welcome by promoting more flexible working, and a better work-life balance.

The research, conducted amongst recently retired full-time workers, shows that if they had their time again, 36% would look for a new job every three years.

They say new employees should do the same, with 57% saying young people today should not be scared of changing jobs – a finding that will no doubt put pressure on firms to come up with new ways to retain top talent.

Another of their top five regrets was not retiring earlier (by 8% of the recently retired), suggesting older workers wish they’d started saving for their retirement years earlier.

Andy Sumner, MD, Monster UK said: “Our research amongst recently retired workers offers some valuable and heartfelt insights that the younger generation should definitely pay attention to.”

The poll found 52% of recently retired people urged young job seekers to find a job they ‘love’ while one in three (33%) suggested job seekers find jobs that make them happy.