Research reveals big rise in working away from the office - but not all regions are equal


Remote working has increased by an average of 37% in the last three years, according to research by recruitment company, Robert Half.

The study of 200 HR directors revealed an even higher change for those in the public sector – where remote working rose by 47% in the same timescale.

The slowest rate of growth was actually in the private sector, where remote working has only increased by a third.

However, the research revealed strong regional variations. London leads the way for flexible working, with growth at 53% in the last three years, while in the north of England, remote working actually declined.

Phil Sheridan, MD, Robert Half, said: “Just because employees are at their desks, and in the office doesn’t mean they are always working productively. Employees can work just as effectively remotely, especially due to advances in technology.”

He added: “With UK businesses facing a skills shortage, companies need to consider offering a positive working environment that supports the needs of a modern workforce in order to attract and retain top talent.”

The study also revealed 60% of HR directors think giving employees greater autonomy over their working styles and practices results in productivity rises.