Employers need to focus more on boosting happiness in Britain's workplaces

Happy workplace

When it comes to happiness and general wellbeing in the workplace, Office Genie’s Workplace Happiness Report has found that the average level of workplace happiness sits at 3.63/5 for British employees.

Although this figure does seem palatable, what is concerning are the figures around junior staff who are the least happy in the workforce with a ranking of 3.40/5. This is most worrying as employers already have difficulty retaining and engaging junior staff. Comparatively, business owners level of happiness is 25% higher at 4.20/5.

The survey also found that more than half (51%) of employees felt that their place of work offered inadequate levels of support for those with mental health issues. Of those who felt unsupported, the majority wanted to see more wellness initiatives put in place, with 45% with mental health issues saying they would be beneficial to their mental wellbeing.

UK workers commonly specified feeling overworked (47%) as a major stress factor. This was followed by a lack of control over their job role (25%) and not feeling fulfilled in their role (25%). The latter two were particularly prevalent amongst junior staff.

So, what can employers do to boost happiness in the workplace? The report found a few key incentives that employees felt would improve their happiness. The top incentive was pay with 67% saying a pay rise would increase their happiness ta work. This was followed by more flexible hours (33%) and pay bonuses (33%).

Although flexible working has become more commonplace, nearly half of employees (46%) are still not afforded the privilege of working from home even though a considerable 74% believe it would improve their happiness at work.

The need for flexible working may come as a result of how employees feel about their office setup, as the survey found that 40% of workers felt they had insufficient levels of privacy at work, this was typically common among those in an open plan office.  The design of the workplace was also found to have a difference on happiness levels, as 33% stated that feeling comfortable with the design and layout of an office space would help improve their happiness.