Misleading jobs ads are giving jobseekers the wrong impression, finds Hay Group


Inaccurate job descriptions are causing attrition levels to rise by misrepresenting what  organisations are really like, according to research by Hay Group.

The research finds one third of firms have staff turnover rates greater than 21% each year, but after interviewing 253 HR managers Hay found 53% agreed poor job descriptions were giving joiners misleading employer expectations – expectations which ultimately drive them to leave.

Not only do bad job ads create a higher likelihood staff will leave, the findings also suggest it creates a poor group of applicants (from 68% of respondents) and that it causes them to waste time interviewing people who have the wrong skills (59%).

Adam Burden, consultant, Hay Group, said: “Lack of clarity is not only demotivating for individuals and affects engagement and loyalty to organisations, but it has a knock-on effect for teams.”

A significant 86% of HR managers surveyed said better job descriptions lead to a better quality of candidates.

Nearly half (42%) said the quality of job ads they produced were poor.

Burden added: “Get job descriptions wrong and there’s a high risk you’ll employ the wrong people. Get them right, and you can attract the best candidates who know what to expect from the role, and how to make an impact.”

The worst performing sectors for quality of job ads are retail (judged to be poor by 67% of respondents), and engineering (judged to be poor by 60% of respondents).