Pay for people working in HR roles in much of the UK falls short by 24% behind London

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The annual HR Salary Survey by Croner Reward, a pay and benefits management service, found the average median salary for an HR professional in the UK is £47,919 compared to £77,149 in Central London and the overall average for Greater London is £52, 231.

The largest gulf was between London and Northern Ireland, with those working in the South West and North East being furthest behind in England as the table below reveals:

The survey clearly highlights the disparity in pay for HR professions in rest of the UK is well below the same type of role in central London and London as a whole.

It is important to take into consideration that the cost of living, such as rent and mortgage costs as well as transport costs, are much higher in London than other parts of the UK, which in turn affects the pay that is offered in London.

Of the different HR disciplines, those working as health and safety managers are paid on average 11% above the average for middle managers in the survey.

At the lower end of the scale, those working in recruitment are the lowest paid, being 2.5% behind the overall average. Of the different sectors HR professionals work in directors in the voluntary sector earn £20,000 less than their private and public sector counterparts.