A new survey found that 59% of workers admit to lying about pre-booked holidays to secure best dates off work

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Research by LondonOffices.com has revealed that UK workers are willing to lie about holiday dates to secure premium time off before their colleagues. Based on a standard January to January booking procedure, 59% of the sample group admitted that they have been dishonestly insistent with their line manager that they must have certain dates approved to avoid losing money on pre-booked holiday packages.

A further 42% owned up to pulling a sickie instead of using holiday allowance for a long weekend break and 31% of the group revealed that as soon as January comes, they cleverly book the days consecutive to the Bank Holidays before their colleagues can, to make the most of their annual allowance.

The minimum legal holiday allowance for full time employees in the UK is 20 days plus 8 days for Bank Holidays. In practice for most workers this amounts to 4 full weeks off. According to the report, most employers restrict the amount of holiday time allowed during peak times such as July and August during school holidays to avoid a deserted office. Some companies will also restrict holiday bookings around Christmas time too. 

Chris Meredith, CEO of Londonoffices.com comments: “It’s shocking that employees lie about losing money just to secure dates before their colleagues. It’s unfair to those employees that need to balance childcare with peak holiday times.

“Employers need to think about ways to make the system fairer and maybe ask for proof of booking if there is a conflict between staff over dates. As a boss I’m always deluged with holiday forms on the first week back after Christmas so this year I’ll be looking to make sure my staff are not up to tricks without a doubt.”