Calls for more employers to contribute to the cost of having a home office


The cost of maintaining a dedicated ‘home office’ could be as high as £2,000 per year (£45 per week), heaping more pressure on employers to help contribute to this.

The research, by Regus, says the £2,000 pa calculation includes the cost to staff of keeping space set aside, having to heat it as well as providing furniture, and buying other office equipment and supplies like printers, paper and pens.

It finds only 35% of staff say their employer gives them a contribution towards kitting out a room and turning it into an office.

“The cost of furnishing a home office is substantial,” said Richard Morris, UK chief executive of Regus, who said the estimate was formed after polling more than 4,000 home workers.

At the moment, HMRC only allows employees to claim an allowance of £4 a week – and it’s only for those who have a genuine requirement to work from home, and are not simply choosing to work from home.