Staff leave because managers won't promote them up the ladder


A third of workers have moved jobs because they were tired of waiting to be promoted, according to a survey by

The research, which questioned more than 1,500 people, found 29% of people opted to take a new job or even change career because they felt ‘stuck’ in their current job, and didn’t think managers recognised their potential.

The research comes as there is increasing evidence to suggest younger workers see advancement and promotion as one of the key perks they expect from a job.

To support this, Monster found employees feeling like ‘we matter to the company’ and ‘viewing colleagues as friends’ were the top two reasons employees enjoyed their jobs.

When asked what advice respondents would give to anyone entering the labour market today, more than a fifth (22%) said young people need to be much more assertive, and they need to ask for a pay rise or promotion as soon as they think they deserve it.

The survey also found 23% workers said they spent their entire career without any progression, a further 10% waited more than a decade to move up their company’s career ladder.

Monster found the feeling that employees feel their careers had stalled it what causes employees to move rather than wait.