Productivity is also is in the air when colleagues hook up, says report


While it will never be advertised as an potential employee ‘perk’, new research finds the benefits of an office romance also leads to business benefits too.

According to a poll by, having an office romance is not the death of productivity bosses often think it is.

In fact, 70% of bosses, managers or HR professionals questioned thought employees worked better if they were in a relationship with someone else in the office.

The poll found 62% of staff believed office romances benefited their work and career, while managers found it created a greater collaboration and cooperation between different parts of the business.

According to’s spokesman, Mark Hall said: 'Love and romance is part of the everyday working environment. Both bosses and employees have to act like adults and recognise it's not something to be dodged.'

The research found only 16% of workplaces had a specific bar on workplace romances.

However, it also found 18% of employees had regretted an office romance, and of these, 10% had said they switched jobs, or sought a transfer as a result of this.