Work worries are keeping professionals up at night, finds Kimberley Dondo


According to new research from Time4Sleep, HR professional are the most sleep deprived with 93% admitting to being kept awake at night thinking about work.

The study found that almost half of the accounts professionals (47%) who took part get six hours or less every night, this was followed closely by IT workers (45%) and administration professionals (45%).

This is especially concerning as the National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. In the long run the sleep deprivation that many professionals face could be detrimental to how effective and focused they are in their work.

The study found the following professions were most likely to stay awake due to work-related issues:

Top five professions that are kept awake thinking about work-related issues

  1. HR 93%
  2. Marketing 89%
  3. Doctor/Nurse/Dentist 88%
  4. Lawyer 87%
  5. Artist/Designer 85%

Doctors/nurses and dentists seem to spend the majority of their time worrying about intimidating patients. Other professionals, such as teachers admitted to staying up until the early hours of the morning agonising over the size of their workload.

The research also found the professionals most likely to hit the snooze button were artists and designers with more than one in ten (11%).

Doctors/nurses and dentists were close behind with nearly one in ten (9%) saying they hit their snooze button nine times on a morning.  Some 13% of HR staff will hit their snooze button eight times on average before managing to get out of bed.

Jonathan Warren, Director of, said: “It can be hard leaving your workload in the office and not to think about work late at night but it’s important we try and make our home a stress-free environment. Establishing a routine around bedtime and writing down your worries or thoughts for the day will help you unwind and make getting off to sleep easier.”