Employees need a good work-life balance to avoid workplace stress

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Shocking new statistics reveal 88% of UK employees say they experience regular stress at work.

The finding, by HCM solutions provider, ADP, is one of a series of worrying statistics from its 4th annual ‘Workplace View in Europe’ survey, which also finds 43% of UK staff say they feel stressed either ‘often’ or ‘very often’.

The research shows that just 12% of employees never experience stress at all.

Annabel Jones, HRD at ADP said: “While some level of stress is part of most jobs and, at its best, can make work more dynamic, excessive and frequent stress is one of the biggest threats to a modern workforce.”

She added: “It impacts staff morale, productivity and efficiency. Businesses must be alert of how their workforce is feeling and ensure their well-being is maintained.” 

More encouragingly, the research reveals 79% of staff think their employer is trying to help alleviate their stress. However, the fact that high levels of stress still remain indicates employers are not tackling it very successfully.

Leon Vergnes, senior vice president EMEA, ADP, said: “Over the past few years, employee attitudes toward work-life balance and quality of life shift dramatically. Employers must ensure they can respond to these demands and have the support and technology in place to make change possible.”

According to the report, 31% of UK employees perceive ‘a good work-life balance’ to be the top motivating factor at work.

Behind this, is ‘ability to work when and where they want’ (29%) and ‘employee benefits that look after long term financial welfare’ (24%).