Longer commutes is one of the factors driving increased working from home


Regus’s just-published ‘Flexible Working: State of the Nation’ report has compiled the key global trends emerging in remote working - with some surprising results.

Although it finds senior managers are now ‘mostly comfortable’ with the concept of flexible working, and working from home, it reveals one of the main drivers to increased working from home is the growth in commuting costs and time.

Globally, staff spent an average of 5% of their salary commuting, with is a steep rise in the 3% reported in 2010. This year, it says commuting in London will become more expensive for 89% of people, while it also finds the average global commute time has risen to 32.5 minutes

But while 72% of workers say senior management is generally supportive of remote working, a significant 75% argue managers need specific retraining in dealing with it. Most (79%) also say they don’t believe their bosses are fully aware of their health and safety responsibilities in encouraging more workers to work from home. Only half (51%) say they would describe their home office as ‘fully functional’.

Its global poll of 44,000 workers finds 90% of workers have used some form of work-based instant messaging in the last month. The most popular remote working tool is Skype (60% of workers use it), followed by WhatsApp (54%) and Facebook Messenger (48%).

Dropbox is the most popular file-sharing tool – with 56% of workers using it. Next is Google Drive, at 43%.