And they also reveal the laws they'd most like to get rid of


Approaching half (39%) of small business owners said they would take on more staff if employment law was made simpler.

The confession, revealed in research by citrusHR, finds an employer landscape riddled with confusion over current employment law.

Some 25% of SME owners say they don’t fully understand employment law at all, while as many as 30% don’t even know what the National Minimum Wage is.

In addition, the survey finds many say they there are confused about calculating even outwardly simple things like holiday pay (which now has to include commission).

The research found 75% of business owners say the sheer frequency and complexity of new decisions makes keeping pace with employment law ‘a drain’.

But when asked who they had support from, 40% of small employers said they didn’t use HR, while of these, 45% thought they were too small to be able to have an HR function, while 36% thought it was too expensive.

Amongst the laws SME employers said they would most like to get rid of were:

  • Not being able to pay staff for unused holiday unless they left (37%)
  • Removal of the default retirement age (29%)
  • The fact staff who are ill on holiday can claim sick leave (21%)
  • Staff on maternity leave being able to accrue holiday even though they’re not working (14%)